2016 MFS20DEPTS: Discontinued “big bore” carbureted model, short shaft, remote control model with power tilt, fuel tank & line. $3199.00*

2017 MFS50AEPTL: long shaft remote control model with power trim & tilt, fuel line (no tank). $5799.00*

Above come with control box, control cables, and an aluminum prop.

*Plus sales tax and installation labor
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2018’s “leftovers” on sale!


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S= short shaft (15" transom)                           F= tiller model

L= long shaft (20" transom)                            P= remote control model

UL= ultra long shaft (25" transom)

E= electric start (new 9.9-20 EFI models also have an E after the HP on manual start models)

D= internal fuel tank                                      T= power tilt or power trim & tilt (varies by model)

* Must be installed by the dealer. (installation labor extra)

Please call for availability, all leftovers subject to prior sale.

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